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Many companies have jumped into building a website and hired a developer that is now no where to be found. You know the drill, they call you on the phone, offer you a great deal to create a website and then you can never get them back on the phone or to answer their emails. Well, if you have a website sitting there with old information, old photos and old coupon offers, it reflects poorly on your business. I had a company that had photos from their company christmas party from 2007 still on their website in 2011! Yikes!

If this sounds like you and you don't need a new site, but you just need some new information added to the site, or old information removed from the site, give me a call. My flat rate is $60.00 per hour. Most updates can be done in 2 hours or less. Of course this does not include any custom programming or fixing broken contact forms. But I can do that for you as well. Call me for pricing.

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