FAQ - Dayton Web Development in Dayton, Ohio!

Can you really provide a website for my business for only $899.00?
- Yes! You will be amazed at the design and all for only $899.00!

Can I get a full blown e-commerce website with shopping cart and everything for only $899.00?
- Really? Do I even have to answer this one? No! Can not do it! No one else can either! But, I can do it much cheaper than most developers!

I don't have a logo, is that a problem?
- I do all of the graphic work as well. So creating a logo for you is something that I can provide as well.

Does it take very long to create my website?
- No. As long as you can provide the content for the pages via email, I can put together a site for you in about a week or so.

What do I do after you create my site? How do I get it on the web? Where do I host it?
- I also have my own servers. I can host your website for you for only $10.00 per month.

Can I get email with my website?
- Yes. You can get what is called an email forwarding account. It will be your_name@yourwebsite.com email forward to your current email account.

Can I see some of your previous work?
-Sure! Call me and I can refer you to a couple of sites so you can see the quality of my work.

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